Registration for the annual conference 2020

Nevertheless and in spite of everything!
The 32nd society's conference will be held on Thursday, January 7, 2020, December 17, 2020

Where will the conference be held?

The conference is hosted this year by the University of Haifa. Due to the Corona epidemic, the conference will be held in a hybrid manner: the lectures will be held at the University of Haifa, Hall 5008, Rabin Building, and will be broadcast live via ZOOM to the general public at home.

Want to join?

In light of the situation, we decided to open the conference to the general public this year, free of charge! To receive a link to the broadcasts, you must register for the conference by filling out the registration form below, and a link will be sent to you by email. pay attention! We ask all participants in Zoom to open cameras - it is not pleasant to talk to black squares ... :)

And what about the renewal of membership in the association? And how do we get the new "Stone Age" booklet?

Every year, we renew our membership in the association during the conference and of course - receive the new booklet of the magazine. This year, we will ask you to renew the memberships right here, on the new website. The booklet will be sent to you directly to the postal address you specify.

Membership fees are the small contribution of each of us to the continued existence of the association. Please renew your membership with the link attached below.

Other questions?

You can contact the conference organizers, Roni Shimmelmitz and Reuven Yeshurun:
Download the conference program

Registration form for the annual conference of the Israeli Prehistoric Society

Please fill out the online form and the conference login details will be sent to you by return email.

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