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Mitkufat Haeven, the Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society was founded in 1960. The journal covers all research disciplines related to the prehistory and proto-history of the southern Levant, up until the Early Bronze Age. In agreement with the aims of the society, the journal serves as a platform for publications relating to articles with descriptive prehistoric information, survey and excavation reports, as well as articles relating to analytical research results. This approach is derived from the belief that these types of information are important, but tend to nr sidelined by many scientific publications which prefer to publish articles with a wider outlook. Of course, synthetic articles and extensive reviews are welcome. In addition to articles submitted by professional archaeologists, the journal editors encourage students and amateur archaeologists to present their work. Mitkufat Haeven is a peer reviewed journal, and each manuscript is reviewed by two scholars according to strict scientific criteria. This said, with a strong policy of constructive criticism, a more friendly and flexible attitude is exercised toward students and amateur archaeologists.
Short history - The Journal was first printed in 1960 by the Israel Prehistoric Research Foundation as a booklet written in Hebrew. The first volume had articles by Jacob Olami (reporting on his survey results from the Carmel), Emanuel Mazor and Moshe Stekelis (the flint tool concentrations at Har Safun in the Negev), Ernest Werschner, (on a prehistoric site on the Carmel), Ezra Meyerhof (on Canaanean blade cores from Har-Haruvim), and Moshe Prausnitz (on the dolmens from Alma region).
The Journal served as a platform for generations of archaeologists from the academia and from the many avocational prehistorians, who’s work in the first years of prehistoric research, generated much of the knowledge and insight regarding the prehistoric periods in the region. These articles are still an important and useful source of information. English abstracts to articles in Hebrew started to appear in the mid 60’s, and English articles were also published occasionally for the international audience. In the 70’s the Journals format had changed and for a short time, between 1982-1985 was not printed from. In 1985, the journal was revived, and the publication of a yearly volume was renewed in the current format. Articles are published in English and sometimes in French with a Hebrew abstract. This change has turned the Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society, Mitkufat Haeven into an international scientific journal. The journal has also changed its audience and authors, from primarily amateur archaeologists to a main body of local and international professional researchers. More than 50 volumes of JIPS have seen light thanks to the tedious work of many editors.
Past editors
List of past editors in alphabetic order: Uri Baruch, Ofer Bar-Yosef, Anna Belfer-Cohen, Moshe Davis, David Gilead, Isaac Gilead, Avi Gopher, Erella Hovers, Modi Lamdan, Tamar (Israeli) Noy, Moshe Prausnitz, Avraham Ronen, Steve Rosen, Moshe Stekelis.

Financial support
The journal is financially supported by the Irene Levi-Sala CARE Archaeological Foundation and by the Mina and Moshe Stekelis Fund for Prehistoric Research, Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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